Tagulandang Island

Tagulandang island is one of 47 islands in Siataro archipelago.To get Tagulandang island i and my guests must to sailing four hours  from Manado chity by fast boat.

On the way to this island sometimes some peoples can see dolphis fishs or makes we keep waching from boat windows when we were sailing to Tagulandang island.
When we arrived in Tagulandang island we feel so enjoy it.Tagulandang island is one beautyful island with so kindly peoples.All peoples that we met alwas smille to us.
We explore this isnland for one makes us interesting is visted  the Salak fruit garden.In this garden i and my two guests from Fance did mating salak was an extraordinary experience of us.
Not only that,we did snorkeling in one beach close with our Homestay. We stay in Along Homestay.Cause this Homestay is nice and clean.
We feel not enought to stay one night in Tagulandang island. Therefore we have a plan to come back again next time.
One more thing,this island is so clean... …

Siau island...

The ship's schedule

The ship's scedule depart of Siau Tagulandang Biaro regency, and the surrounding islands.

* Fast Ship KM Mejestic Kawanua.
Operates every day from Manado to, Tagulandang,SIAU,and Sangihe islands.


- From Manado to SIAU island at 09.00 am,and arrived at -+ 02.00 pm.
- From SIAU Island to Manado, at 11.30 am,
arrived at  -+ 05, 00 pm

* Fery Ships.
It operates every day from Manado To SIAU,and Tagulandang islands.


-From Manado at 04.00 pm,and arrived at 02.00 am.
- From Siau island at 04.00 pm, and arrived at 02.00 am.

ACCOMMODATIONS in Siau island..


Mahoro island

Mahoro beach and Karangetang volcano, are two nice places that you can
found in Sitaro regency.

Karangetang volcano on 12/5-2019


Siau Tarsius Animals

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